14mm (7/8 Inch) PURPLE BACK® Valve - Polypropylene Plastic Flow Control Stop Tap

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A range of polypropylene Valves designed to control, disperse, slow and divert water through a low pressure irrigation system.
Used in conjunction with low pressure poly tubing.

Simple on-off operation and straight through flow.
Operating pressure range up to 300 kPa.
Green Back® cap for standard irrigation applications.
Purple Back® cap for recycled water applications.
Tapered entry on all barbed fittings for ease of installation.
Range includes common Australian and International tube sizes. 
UV stabilised materials for long life.

Secondary zone water diversion and flow control.
Always install as an in-line valve with tubes connected to both inlet and outlet.

Home gardens, landscaping and professionally installed irrigation systems.
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AFS Part NoDescriptionTo Suit Tube I.DTo Suit Tube I.D
ANT-46505PURPLE BACK® VALVE 13mm13mmx13mm
ANT-46575PURPLE BACK® VALVE 14mm14mmx14mm
ANT-46555PURPLE BACK® VALVE 15mm15mmx15mm
ANT-46515PURPLE BACK® VALVE 16mm16mmx16mm
ANT-46565PURPLE BACK® VALVE 18mm18mmx18mm
ANT-46525PURPLE BACK® VALVE 19mm19mmx19mm
ANT-46535PURPLE BACK® VALVE 21mm21mmx21mm
ANT-46545PURPLE BACK® VALVE 25mm25mmx25mm
AFS Part NoDescriptionTo Suit Tube I.DBSP Thread
ANT-46705PURPLE BACK® VALVE 13mm Barb x 3/4" BSPM13mmx3/4
ANT-46775PURPLE BACK® VALVE 14mm Barb x 3/4" BSPM14mmx3/4
ANT-46755PURPLE BACK® VALVE 15mm Barb x 3/4" BSPM15mmx3/4
ANT-46715PURPLE BACK® VALVE 16mm Barb x 3/4" BSPM16mmx3/4
ANT-46785PURPLE BACK® VALVE 18mm Barb x 3/4" BSPM Specifications
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