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35mm I.D RED 2 Ply Silicone Flexible Hot & Cold Air Ducting

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This item is Sold Per 1000mm +/- 10mm
We will cut this product based on QTY you order.
Subject too Maximum Coil Lengths available see chart below.

Chemicals Industry - Vehicle Manufacturing - Aircraft Manufacturing - Hot air hose for granulate dryer
Machine and engine manufacturing - Shipbuilding - Plastic processing industry - Waste incineration plants - Conveyance of air and gaseous media with high nominal and ambient temperatures
Spiral: Spring steel wire
Cord: Fibreglass fabric
Wall: Silicone-coated glass fabric
Light Weight - Smallest Bending Radiuses - Good Chemical Resistance
Highly Flexible - Symmetrical Fold Behaviour
Approved acc.to DIN 75200 and FMVSS 302 for application in transit vehicles
kink-proof - very good heat resistance
Temperature Range
-80°C to +250°C
peaks -80°C to +300°C*

Other sizes we may stock
Product CodeInternal Dia (Inch)Internal Dia (mm)External Dia (mm)Weight (g/m)Vacuum (mm WG)  Working Pressure (Bar)Bending Radius (mm)Max Length (M)
HTD-0131/213168570002.59.54 Mtr
HTD-0193/4192211070002.5134 Mtr
HTD-0227/8222517070002.5144 Mtr
HTD-0251 Inch253019070002.5184 Mtr
HTD-0301.3/16303327058002.5194 Mtr
HTD-0321.1/4323628058002.5204 Mtr
HTD-0351.3/8354030058002.4224 Mtr
HTD-0381.1/2384331058002.4244 Mtr
HTD-0411.5/841-424631553002.4264 Mtr
HTD-0441.3/444-454932053002.4274 Mtr
HTD-0512 Inch50-515636053002.4304 Mtr
HTD-0552.1/854-556042053002.4324 Mtr
HTD-0572.1/4576243053002.4344 Mtr
HTD-0602.3/8606545046002.3354 Mtr
HTD-0632.1/2636847046002.3364 Mtr
HTD-0652.9/16656949046002.3374 Mtr
HTD-0702.3/4707554045002.2404 Mtr
HTD-0763 Inch768158044002.2434 Mtr
HTD-0803.1/8808561040002.1454 Mtr
HTD-0833.1/4838863040002.1474 Mtr
HTD-0853.5/16859067039002484 Mtr
HTD-0903.1/289/909469039002504 Mtr
HTD-0953.3/49510073038001.9534 Mtr
HTD-1024 Inch10210777035001.9564 Mtr
HTD-1104.5/1611011581030001.7604 Mtr
HTD-1144.1/211411985028001.6634 Mtr
HTD-1204.3/412112689023001.6674 Mtr
HTD-1275 Inch12713393021001.4704 Mtr
HTD-1405.1/2140146100018001.3764 Mtr
HTD-1526 Inch152158120017001.2824 Mtr
HTD-1606.5/16160166128015001.1864 Mtr
HTD-1787 Inch178184138014001894 Mtr
HTD-2038 Inch 203208143010000.71074 Mtr
HTD-2299 Inch22923516508000.61144 Mtr
HTD-25410 Inch25426020907000.41334 Mtr
HTD-30512 Inch30531126105000.251584 Mtr
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