6mm x 3mm Plastic Nylon Tube Semi-rigid PA 12 HL DIN 73378

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Our plastic nylon tube is used with lubrication systems from the progressive distributor to the lubrication point or from the re-lubrication distributor or piston distributor to the lubrication point.

 As experience teaches, there are not too high pressure rates within the bounds of an automatic centralised lubrication system and the mechanical strains for plastic tube PA 12HL can be classified here as rather small.
Therefore, it can be quite safely installed on such systems i.e. in every place where the specified pressure resistance of plastic tube PA 12HL of 89 bars (operating pressure) will suffice and the external strains acting on the tube to be anticipated are not too high. The advantage of our plastic tube PA 12HL is the favourable price and ease of mounting.

Our natural-coloured and/or transparent plastic tube PA 12PHL is printed black and the black plastic tube PA 12HL is printed white.

As agreed, the plastic tube PA 12HL can also be delivered in such colours as green, red, black, or brown.
On request, we can also offer our plastic tube PA 12HL to our customers in other dimensions. Our wide flexibility becomes also apparent in case of enquiries as regards special lengths such as e.g. a reel of 2,000 m. We can also meet such demands without any problem.
We deliver the plastic tube PA 12HL both, in empty design and already pre-filled with lubricant.

Important advice for mounting!
You will need a reinforcing socket (plug-in sleeve) for some special dimensions. As to some wall thicknesses, the plastic tube PA12HL is too soft; that is why a reinforcing socket (plug-in sleeve) is required for mounting.
Our plastic tube PA12HL according to DIN 73378 in dimensions of 6x1.5 (i.e. outer diameter 6 mm and wall thickness 1.5 mm = inner diameter 3 mm) is also called polyamide tube 6x3 by some providers, here, a reinforcing socket (plug-in sleeve) is not required.
This plastic tube PA12HL can be used upon mounting with a cutting-ring fitting just as when using our push-in type connector, the so-called Push-in system, without any reinforcing socket (plug-in sleeve).
This will not only save operational working time but also makes the plastic tube PA12HL extremely safe in operation at an operating pressure of 89 bars. A "forgotten" reinforcing socket (plug-in sleeve) upon mounting may cause severe problems and damages.

Material properties:
Material for Plastic tube, semi-rigid:
PA 12 HL: polyamide 12 (softener-free, stabilised against light and heat ageing)
Material for Plastic tube, flexible:
PA 12 PHL: polyamide 12 (containing softener, stabilised against light and heat ageing)

This material shows an excellent resistance and insensitiveness to oil, grease, and lubricants and is therefore well suitable for centralised lubrication systems, all kinds of fuel as well as chlorine-free detergents and solvents.
At indoor temperature, the material shows an excellent resistance to thinned mineral acids, organic acids, bases, and salt solutions.
The material is inappropriate for the following chemicals: concentrated mineral acids, concentrated acetic acid, phenols, cresols, chlorinated hydrocarbons, acetone, and ketones.

Permitted operating temperature:
approx. -60 °C to +80 °C

By means of adequate bending devices, smallest radii can be obtained.
To do so, the tube must be warmed-up to 150° - max. warming-up time 20 seconds.

Operating pressure:

s = nominal wall thickness [mm]; dm = da – s; σV = equivalent stress N/mm2 at 23 °C .

 At a higher temperature, the pressure will decrease according to the pressure utilisation rate as per DIN 73378.

In borderline cases, it is advisable to consult us beforehand. Have the tubes mounted only by qualified and/or accordingly trained personnel.

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