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The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001


From September 5th 2005 it will be mandatory to comply!

Time Scale: The above regulations came into effect during 2001 and have now become law. From September 5th 2005 it will be mandatory to comply with the regulations, even if no spill occurrence has been reported.

Scope: The regulations cover all commercial and institutional businesses storing oil above ground in quantities over 200 litres in any type of container - (25litre drum, 205litre drum, IBC or tank). Oil means any kind of oil and fuel.

Requirements: All oil containers must be stored in a bunded area or on a drip tray (sump pallet). This is mandatory and it is an offence not to comply. In their present form, the regulations require drums to be stored on a drip tray with a sump capacity of 25% and if more than one drum 25% of the total. Tanks require 110% capacity and if more than one 25% of the aggregate total.